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Taking bold, gutsy action professionally and personally seems achievable when you have a fierce and loving companion who has been where you are.

After going against the grain in a traditional organization for years, LeeAnn discovered that the secret to sustainable leadership and power starts with the body. From there, she uncovered a truly connected way to lead authentically—with both guts and grace.

Success STories

Real women creating change

Investing in themselves led to better lives and bigger impact.

These women learned they could lead their lives and do business in ways they hadn't even imagined. test

Moving Beyond Anxiety
Underneath the confidence of this high-performing Fortune 500 leader, Megan dealt with anxiety. Working with LeeAnn ensured she didn't diminish her potential.
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I am more relaxed and situations have become easier. That creates ripples—my team seems more relaxed.

Megan Maltenfort, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility
Getting to the Next Level Without Burnout
Offered a unique leadership role after just one session with LeeAnn, Veena signed up for the 6-month mastermind and was able to level up without burning out.
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LeeAnn understood my desire to break the glass ceiling without hurting myself in the process.

Veena Raja, Audit Director
Discovering Her Greatest Strength
Cindy, Executive Director of a women’s nonprofit, felt secretly insecure about her vision as a leader. When she learned to connect with her inner voice, she began to understand her own strength in ways she had never done before.
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"The coaching wasn’t always comfortable. But every time we broke through, it was liberating and empowering."

Cindy Kanusher, Executive Director
Unlocking New Ways of Being
With LeeAnn's help, Melony was able to uncover and unravel internal battles with time, stress and energy that she had previously assumed were fixed and permanent.
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I’m more receptive, collaborative, and enjoyably less defensiveness—in business, relationships and with myself.

Melony Swasey, Residential Real Estate Agent

avoid your biggest career-limiting move

Reclaim the wisdom of your body and the power of your intuition

When you’re a passionate leader driven to make a powerful impact on your organization or industry, it’s easy to make trade-offs that ignore your body and intuition so you can get ahead.

This unconscious choice can lead to success in the short run, but over time, it breeds self-sabotage, saps your energy, and it can ultimately become your biggest career-limiting move.

LeeAnn helps you realign with your inner wisdom so you can make a bigger impact while being truly yourself in any context—without burning out.

LeeAnn and the mastermind are pure magic for me—I am constantly amazed at how much more confident, powerful and resilient I am, and continue to become. I no longer feel stuck or afraid to take a leap!
Beth Barich, Culture Change Consultant
After working with LeeAnn, I finally decided to throw my name in the hat for a supervisory role, and I was selected!! If not for the work we did together during our coaching, I think my fear of success might have held me back.
Ally Kidd, Special Agent, Naval Criminal Investigative Service
I can see the path forward. I'm shifting from anxiously handling the minutiae of [my work] to powerfully and impactfully leading the strategic initiatives that will take the organization where it needs to go next.
Grace Welker, Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute
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Dismantle the Patriarchy Within

The Shadow of Independence

A reflection on risk, connection and culture change.

Do We Really Need Validation?

The gift and the shadow in our pursuit of confidence.

Walking the Path of Integrity

Embodying the 3 parts of integrity – and where we may fall short.

A Note from Your Younger Self

A secret alias from your past may have some wisdom for you today.

Great Leadership Requires Healing

An invitation to face tension and step into progress this year.

Why Feminine Leadership Gets Missed

It isn’t easy being a steward of the feminine in business.
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