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Learning to Lead with Guts & Grace

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After more than a decade of coaching, training and advising executive leadership teams, LeeAnn found that most mission driven leaders—especially women—begin to systematically ignore their bodies and disconnect from their intuition in order to get ahead at work.

It’s not just about failing to exercise or forgetting to mediate.

It’s about favoring rational thoughts and data over what you deeply know. Trusting the “experts” over your instincts. Driving toward linear growth while missing life-giving, intuitive cues that could help you make game-changing adjustments to your leadership. 

It’s not your fault. It’s an epidemic. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Identify the symptoms

Self-awareness is key

Leading with guts and grace requires that we identify the warning signs of when we are disconnecting from our bodies and ignoring our inner guidance system. Here are some of the subtle yet serious consequences and signs to look for:

  • faltering confidence
  • burnout and exhaustion
  • getting overlooked for promotions
  • getting promoted, but hating your job, colleagues or company
  • impostor syndrome
  • self-doubt
  • the inability to see, use, or believe in your own strengths
  • Uncertainty about your next step
I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't have a good focus. I was feeling less than confident that I could succeed.
Executive Director
My biggest obstacle is my lack of self-confidence and uncertainty in my capabilities as a leader.
Marketing Director
I was being drowned out by the louder voices on my team. I would cave if the conversation became uncomfortable.
My self-limiting thoughts and behaviors stop me from attaining my goals.
Vice President
I was in a state of near constant frustration.
Sr Manager
I was feeling disconnected because of burnout.
Non Profit Executive Director
I felt a little lost in terms of how to attain my vision.
I was downplaying my own recommendations in meetings and not voicing my opinions.
Assistant Professor
I completely lacked
Training Specialist & Consultant

Custom Coaching Programs

Guts & Grace offers open-enrollment programs designed to meet you where you're at.
for Emerging Leaders
Level up with a more sustainable strategy and less risk of burn out.

Find the confidence and strategy you need to take on more leadership, without burning out. 

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for Experienced Leaders
Unlock your true potential by getting out of your own way

Discover what’s possible when you get crystal clear about your goals, boost your energy, and move beyond habitual behaviors that subtly hold you back.

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for Worldshapers
Disrupt the status quo with a solid base of resilience and self-trust.

Dare to make an even bigger impact when you tap into your instinctual power and become a fully embodied leader.

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of grads would recommend the program to others
receive a significant promotion within 6 months
reduce stress and increase their work-life balance
improve their ability to lead through indirect influence
I have a lot less inner conflict, questioning whether I'm in the right job or location, always thinking about what's next. I am far more enjoying my life as it is. I believe I am a better person, leader, and woman as a result of the program.
Grace Welker, Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute
If you want to discover and learn about who you are and how great you can be, then you need to work with LeeAnn because she will get you there. I can’t recommend LeeAnn highly enough.
Cindy Kanusher, Executive Director, Pace Women's Justice Center
Life-changing without realizing what’s happening. She brings a different perspective from most coaches. She sees the whole picture of a person and has an incredible, intuitive sense to understand what's happening deeper, below the surface.
Ashley Lemons, Project Manager, NAVAIR

The Solution

Full-bodied leadership

LeeAnn has identified four keys that have the power to stop the epidemic of women ignoring their bodies and disconnecting from their intuition.

Her methodology draws from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness and somatics, along with thousands of hours coaching innovative, passionate, diverse women in a multitude of industries.

By mastering The Four Keys you will tap into the wisdom of your body, replenish your energy, and reclaim your native superpowers in life, work and leadership.

LeeAnn's programs are designed to disrupt the status quo and deliver unparalleled results for women leaders. She calls the process “dismantling the patriarchy within.” Her clients call it “life changing.”

The Four Keys to Full-Bodied Leadership


Learn how to build resilience and bring your whole self to work
Embodiment is about wholeness – reclaiming any parts of yourself that you left behind in order to succeed earlier in your career. An effective, embodied leader knows how to bring all of herself to work, in a way that adds, rather than detracts from her professional impact.
Master the art of:
  • Physical well-being & embodied joy
  • Energy, boundaries & balance
  • Desire & owning your success
  • Radical self-acceptance
Reduce Burnout


Step out of self-sabotaging mindsets and career-limiting habits
Empowerment is about taking effective action, especially when the going gets tough. Rather than just looking ok on the surface, an empowered leader takes responsibility for her triggers, emotions and thoughts, and uses them in a truly productive way.
Master the art of:
  • Learning mindset & mastery
  • Shifting limiting beliefs
  • Emotional clearing & resilience
  • Dismantling self-sabotage
Shut down Resentment and Unproductive Complaining


Establish a powerful North Star and clarify your leadership purpose
Activation is about honesty of purpose – knowing what matters most to you, both in your personal life and at work, and taking aligned action. An activated leader takes the risk to honor her inner longing, rather than selling herself short and playing small.
Master the art of:
  • Visionary thinking & practical action
  • Leadership presence
  • Cultivating intuition
  • Passion, purpose & soul essence
Build Congruence of Mission
and Action


Embrace both conflict And collaboration, develop the power and presence to influence
Inspiration is about sharing your truth. It’s about being generous with what you think, feel, see and know. An inspired leader speaks up in a way that invites others to stand beside her. She becomes the catalyst—and embodiment—of the change she wants to see in the world.
Master the art of:
  • Self-trust & self-advocacy
  • Radical truth-telling & difficult conversations
  • Leading through influence
  • Powerful mentoring
Own and Use Your Voice
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