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You’ve been a driving force in your organization, and whether or not you give yourself credit, you carry an impressive list of accomplishments. But in order to achieve your goals, you’ve made some sacrifices along the way: your time, your relationships, your health… your own peace of mind.

Yes, there have been costs. 
Yes, time is always scarce. 
Yes, you grapple with competing priorities every single day.

And yet, you feel called to step even more fully into your potential. To clarify your personal vision, and a bigger vision for your organization. To find a path forward that aligns you with your greatest possible impact.

The problem is...

...you’re not entirely sure what that would look like.

What’s lies beyond your current success? And how could you possibly take another step, when it already feels like you’re giving as much as you can to your work, your family and your community?

You are a leader through and through – and you believe the old adage that the potential of a project or organization is determined by the quality of the person at the top.

You may even listen to relevant leadership podcasts, read the latest leadership books, or attend the usual trainings.

Still, despite your passion, and your desire to make your company an even better place to work, you face some resistance from your team, your peers, your boss – even your spouse.

You recognize that you might be holding yourself and your organization back with limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors… and you’re ready to make a change. 

LeeAnn has worked with dozens of women leaders just like you. The Guts & Grace Mastermind is designed to help you take the leap.

Executive Coaching & Mastermind Program

The Guts & Grace Mastermind is a nine-twelve month, invite-only executive coaching and mastermind program for experienced women leaders.

Join the Mastermind if you want to:
  • Learn how to level up without burning out
  • Shift self-limiting thoughts, behaviors and habits
  • Unpack and alchemize early career baggage
  • Take off your blinders and discover how you hold yourself back
  • Identify and capitalize on your natural strengths and capabilities
  • Gain the energy and momentum to live more fully into your purpose
  • Get support from a diverse group of like-minded women leaders, facing similar challenges
  • Become the best, most powerful version of yourself

Watch the video to learn more or download the brochure.

Apply Now

Interested in being a part of the January 2021 cohort of our signature year-long program? Apply today for a free discovery session with LeeAnn to learn more.

Guts & Grace is for you if...

You have a hunch that you’re on the verge of a big “level up,” internally or externally. (And, yes, turning 40 or 50 counts!)
You have a big vision for the future, but you lack confidence, or are afraid you’ll get in your own way.
You want to play an even bigger game, but you’re anxious about the impact on your time, energy, health and relationships.
You'd love to have results like these past clients:
  • Invited to serve as a thought leader in a brand-new sector
  • Learned to work half the hours and make the same level of income
  • Got out of a difficult business partnership while still maintaining the relationship
  • Built an amazing network of support that led to new business
  • Negotiated a 20% pay raise after being offered 5%
  • Transitioned from corporate to starting a consulting practice
  • Raised a million dollars for the first time in the firm history
LeeAnn's programs and offerings are some of the best that I’ve seen. It’s worth giving up the money for vacation to invest in a 6-month program...the investment can actually give you a better ROI.
Clare Bresnahan, President & CEO, New Leaders Council
LeeAnn helps you to become yourself. Become the person that you want to be, that you may have been afraid to look at or feel, and she in her only-LeeAnn way can help you discover that. It was invigorating.
Deb Matthews, Executive Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives, University of Rhode Island
LeeAnn is an intuitive, caring and thoughtful coach who seems to know just what you need when you need it. I would recommend [the mastermind] to anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind framework to thrive personally as well as professionally.
Megan Maltenfort, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Fortune 500 Company
I can’t recommend LeeAnn highly enough. If you want to discover and learn about yourself—who you are, how great you can be, and who you can be—then you need to work with LeeAnn because she will get you there.
Cindy Kanusher, Executive Director, Pace Women's Justice Center
I treasure LeeAnn’s rare intellectual and intuitive presence. She can see, hear, feel things along with me, struggles I hadn’t even put words to. And that new witnessing alone allows them to release.
Melony Swasey, Real Estate Agent, Unlimited Sotheby's International Realty
My experience with [the mastermind] has been wonderful. LeeAnn truly has a gift of being able to coach with such empathy and intuitive intelligence, and helps you better understand the root of the problem.
Tito Ogunsola-Smith, Owner, Concierge PT

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