Coaching for WorldShapers

Radical change is possible when you are radically aligned with yourself

You are committed to changing the world – or business – for good.

There’s just one problem: The world is big, there’s only one of you...and there’s a lot to do.

True, you may have a team of people working with you, or for you. But ultimately, it’s your vision. So the effort, the risk and much of the heavy lifting falls on your shoulders every day.

At nearly every turn, there’s another wall that needs to be toppled, in order to make the impact you know is possible. Despite your strategic nature, you’re managing an endless to-do list of important and urgent things. And when you do start to get traction and come up for air, you’re keenly aware that the very next challenge is just on the horizon.

But, you are a great leader. You’re committed. And you’re going to make it happen.
As Gandhi said, you must be the change you wish to see in the world. To live up to your vision, you need even greater clarity, even more unshakable self-trust, and an even deeper well of resilience.

Trade-offs are old paradigm...

...instead learn how to:
  • Deeply walk-the-talk of your mission and fully embody your company’s goals
  • Lift up others while receiving world class support for yourself
  • Capitalize on your natural strengths and superpowers to solve your most difficult business challenges
  • Uncover your primary self-sabotage habits and (seriously!) get the heck out of your own way
  • Build a disruptive strategy and take exhilarating risks without destroying your own self-care
  • Allow yourself to be transformed by, rather than simply driven by, your purpose
  • Shake up the system without alienating your skeptics and opposers
  • Get support from a community of women who are shaping the world

But it isn't always easy

You want to know:
  • How can I be a powerful force for change when I sometimes struggle to say above water myself?
  • Am I really on the right track, or have I missed an important strategic insight, angle or goal that would make all the difference?
  • And maybe, just maybe, is there something I'm doing that inadvertently contributes to the process being so difficult?
Our unique programs for women leaders are designed to help world-shaping women do their very best and most impactful work – without burning out, selling out or freaking out. 

Join an Executive Coaching Program

Ready for deep, game-changing support in a like-minded community?
Instead of frantically paddling under the surface and hoping nobody will notice, deep-dive for real answers that will help you make an impact with greater clarity, confidence and ease.
dive deep and Create serious change

WorldShapersTM: our year-long executive program

The WorldShapersTM program is a twelve month, invite-only executive coaching and mastermind program for experienced women leaders.

Join the mastermind if you want to...
  • Learn how to level up without burning out
  • Shift self-limiting thoughts, behaviors and habits
  • Take off your blinders and discover how you hold yourself back
  • Identify and capitalize on your natural strengths and capabilities
  • Unpack and alchemize early career baggage
  • Gain the energy and momentum to live more fully into your purpose
  • Get support from a diverse group of like-minded women leaders, facing similar challenges
  • Become the best, most powerful version of yourself

For more details, watch the video and download the brochure.

Apply Now

Apply today for a  free discovery session with LeeAnn to learn more about WorldShapers.

Want to get intense Fast?

MEME! Virtual Leadership Intensive for World Shapers

Take your most powerful next step by joining this unique 6-week program designed to give you a quick upgrade without the long-term commitment of our year-long program.

Imagine, what if you could…
  • Get the attention of your employer without being pushy or showing off
  • Move beyond self-doubt, self-limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Identify and capitalize on your natural strengths and capabilities
  • Gain the energy and momentum to live into your purpose with greater ease
  • Get tangible, actionable guidance on the challenges you struggle with most
  • Be part of a community and make connections with women like just yourself
Tell me more!

It’s your time. Get the details about how you can level up fast with MEME! Virtual Leadership Intensive.

Our Programs are right for you iF...

  • You’re working inside of an organization or industry that is ripe for change, but still resistant.
  • You have a big vision that’s terrifying and exhilarating, and you want to be sure you bring your absolute best self as you pursue it.    
  • You want to shake up current systems and structures, but you have a hunch you still carry traces of the old paradigm in your habitual thoughts or behavior. 
  • You long to experience greater ease and peace of mind, but you’re not willing to give up on your audacious goals.  
  • You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and tend to put everybody else first. 
  • You want a coach your corner who offers tangible, actionable guidance you can trust.
You'd love to have results like these past clients:
  • Got invited to serve as a thought leader in a brand-new sector.
  • Won her company’s first $2.5 million grant.
  • Made time for a new baby while running a rapidly growing organization.
  • Fired a toxic team member with grace and got the right people on the bus.
  • Transitioned a difficult business partnership while still maintaining the relationship.
  • Learned to work half the hours and make the same level of impact.
I joined the MEME! program to continue working with LeeAnn on my own transformation journey. ... It was filled with rich content and a beautiful group of women who's openness and strength allowed me to further reflect on my own strengths and abilities to build my confidence.
Megan Maltenfort, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Fortune 500 Company
I have already seen results in such a short time! I would highly recommend the [MEME!] program to anyone, whether you are a leader now or aspiring to be one. Wish I had learned these methods earlier in my career but will gladly embrace them now!
Lori Herz, Team Leader, University of Rhode Island
LeeAnn’s thoughtful guidance throughout the MEME! course played a great role in enabling me to find clarity, trust myself and ultimately land a role that feels more like a calling than a job. I highly recommend MEME! to ambitious women who are seeking something for themselves or their communities that may feel elusive or opaque.
Kimberly S. Greenberg, Chief of Staff, At The Well
I'm coming up on a big transition in my life and MEME! has helped me focus on what I really want. I was getting so bogged down in the details, that I has lost focus of what's important. MEME! helped me gain clarity I need to take the next big step!
Ashley Lemons, Program Manager, Naval Air Systems Command

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