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You've been called to build the future – but it just feels harder than it should.

If you’re a passionate changemaker who is making big moves in your industry or organization, you probably have a VISION of how it could all come together. You know in your bones what’s possible. You SEE the best-case scenario, and you truly BELIEVE that through your effort– with the help of your team – you can make it happen.  

And you ARE. But somehow it feels harder – and it's taking longer – than it should.
If you are:
  • A female founder who is disrupting the market with a bold new idea
  • A woman executive who is on a mission to create big-deal culture change
  • A key initiative leader stewarding sustainability or impactful business practice
  • A rising star at your company, getting promoted as fast as you can handle
  • A movement leader who is challenging the political or social status quo

What you KNOW is that driving real change is possible (or you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing). And that it does take time (or it would have happened already).  

What you may not know yet is that your FULL ALIGNMENT with your mission could be the critical missing piece in helping you to create, lead and influence with greater EASE.

AND if you’re bumping into obstacles, or it feels like your treading water or wading through mud as you execute on your plans, it’s MOST LIKELY a sign that a nervous system re-calibration is required NOW, to click into your next level of: Ease. Activation. Clarity. and Impact.

Does This Sound Like YOU?

If you’ve been grappling with questions like:
  • How can I get my vision to really stick? How to get the market, my boss, our board etc. to really buy into it, so that we can gain momentum?
  • How can I do this work without so much effort, so much struggle, or so much exhaustion? How to set better boundaries and let things go?
  • How can I make sure I don’t lose myself in the process? How to stay true to my values when I face real challenges?
  • How can I make sure when I step into a new opportunity or a new role that it’s the best possible fit? How to bring my authentic self, and avoid recreating the troubles, annoyances and struggles of my last roles?
  • How can I stay connected to my purpose and trust myself, even when other people can’t quite see it yet?
  • How can I tolerate the pressure of my chosen mission? How can I firm up and build resilience, so that I’m not as fragile under the pressure of doing this work?
Chances are, the REAL problem underneath ALL of these challenges is ALIGNMENT.  

Over the past fifteen years we’ve supported hundreds of already-successful women leaders to get faster and more comprehensive results by making this one critical leap. It’s possible. And its time.


Think about it. Most of your work habits got ingrained in your early twenties, or even your teens. Without too much effort, your brain wired itself to deal with the circumstances around you, so that you could get ahead (but also stay safe, win respect, and belong).  

If you haven’t addressed them yet, those early programs are still running in the background of EVERYTHING YOU DO. Not your fault.But it is your problem to solve. And when you do, IT’S A TOTAL GAME CHANGER.

Because if you're trying to create a new paradigm...

  • Workplace
  • Marketplace
  • Organization
  • Political or social system
  • Or Community

And you’re running on an OLD-PARADIGM NERVOUS SYSTEM, you’re inevitably going to re-create more of the same. In some ways. At some moments. And it gets in your way.


ACTIVATE is an 8-Module Nervous System Reset that works with the five domains of embodiment (your Movement, Emotions, Mindset, Mission & Energy) to revise old programs, heal trauma, clarify and align you with your vision, strengthen your magnetism, and recalibrate your habits to match your goals.

Imagine if you could...
  • Gain absolute clarity on what’s held you back in the past and let it go, so that you can end the cycles of self-sabotage for good.
  • Define and embody new leadership qualities that help you galvanize your stakeholders and increase your impact (and your paycheck) without feeling pushy or apologetic.
  • Expand your range as a leader, so that you can consistently do the right thing, in the right situation, at the right time without hesitating.
  • Learn to stay centered and true-to-yourself in times of challenge or change, so that you can be a guiding light for those you lead.
  • Stop pretending "you're fine" and "it’s easy” and finally face whatever needs to be addressed, so that you can move forward with greater confidence and ease.
  • Make new friends in your industry (and beyond) who have your back, and who will become instrumental in helping you to succeed.

This is the promise of ACTIVATE. In just 2-8 weeksyou will learn how to streamline and expedite your impact on your industry, organization,or community – without burning out. 

ACTIVATE: A Powerful and Proven 3-step System

The ACTIVATE Course:
What You Get

Your ACTIVATE program includes the following elements of support, for MAXIMUM results with MINIMUM time in training.
  • Eight Virtual Learning Sessions Delivered Over 8 Weeks
  • One 30-Minute Laster Coaching Activation Session
  • A Dedicated Course Platform housing your micro-learning Videos, Audios & Worksheets
  • Regular access to LIVE Q&A calls to get your questions answered
  • Discounted Access to Live Events and future Executive Coaching Resources
  • A Badass Cohort of Game-Changing Female Peers Going through the Program with You
  • Access to a Community of Graduates Who Will Have your Back for Life
We believe that you DON’T need a master’s program (or the amount of work it requires) to SIGNIFICANTLY up your game.

By focusing on small high-leverage steps, concrete daily practices and somatic nervous-system recalibration techniques, ACTIVATE helps you shift your experience and get new results with less work, in a fraction of the time.  

Facing yourself is not always EASY. But it works. And it works fast. We’ve gathered our learning from over a decade, supporting hundreds of clients, to create a streamlined, step-by-step process for you, making it as painless and rewarding as possible to do the real work in record time. We think you’ll agree.

BY the WAY… the Patriarchy

By the way – if you’re a woman doing this course, it will begin to heal left-over traces of internalized patriarchy. Have you ever felt frustrated that your male colleagues and competitors “don’t seem to struggle with this”? ACTIVATE will help.

    What Changemakers Are Saying

    "LeeAnn’s program has been pure magic for me – I am constantly amazed at how much more confident, powerful and resilient I am, as a result."

    "I couldn't help but think that at my level, I should have learned this stuff before – but these are things that we all struggle with as women still."

    "This work helped me to get back in my body, and gave me the tools to help me handle the most difficult moments with grace."

    "Working with LeeAnn has been a gift. It wasn’t easy at the start, but now things are changing for me big time."

    "Participating in LeeAnn’s program helped me take back things I’d let go of and really needed."  

    "I am MUCH more competent as a leader and much more skilled as compared to my peers, having participated in this program." 

    "I learned to manage my emotions more effectively when they get out of hand at work. This makes a huge difference for my team."

    "For the first time in this job, I can really see the strengths that I bring to the team in action, and I feel more free to be myself."

    "I routinely felt overwhelmed and secretly doubted my effectiveness. Now, I no longer feel at the mercy of forces I can't control."

    "The stress and challenges of transforming the department haven’t gone away, but I am much better able to deal it."

    "I have practical tools at my disposal that help me stay true to my own intentions and priorities as a leader in my organization. And, I’m beginning to share what I’ve learned with my team."

    Join the ACTIVATE Self-Study Course at a Fraction of the Cost.

    Create your own breakthrough in 2-8 weeks.

    One Time

    A One-Time Fee of
    Paid in Full

    Payment Plan

    Three Installments of
    (The first of three payments is due when you register)

    The Activate Curriculum

    8 sessions
    The Activate course

    Each module builds on the last. In 8 weeks you will design and execute your own nervous-system recalibration... AND you will also learn a unique and powerful method you can use do it again, as needed, over the course of your career.

    Module 00
    Introduction & Vision

    Get crystal clear about the roadmap for your professional growth over the next 6-12 months: where you're going and why it matters. Plus, gain a deeper understanding of how embodied self-awareness can transform your leadership.

    Module 01
    The CORE Dilemma

    Identify the one core thing that held you back most at work (hint: it’s probably not what you think!) Gain a better grasp on your existing nervous system programming. Understand exactly what needs to shift in order for you to have the impact you desire.

    Module 02
    The Anatomy of Self-Sabotage

    Discover why that pattern has been SO hard to shake. Get to know how it works, where it came from, what it serves now (yep! there's a reason for it), and how to work with it more effectively, so that it stops working against you.

    Module 03
    Owning Your Longing

    Turn the tables on your old, counterproductive habits by developing a concise and practical goal that's bigger and more compelling than your deepest fears and can serve as a compass in your life. We call this your "North Star" – you'll understand why.

    integration week

    Take some time to digest the progress you’ve made, and catch up on practices that you haven’t mastered yet. Slow down to go fast. Get ready to bring your vision to life in the second part of the course (or cut this down if needed to fit the block well — you don’t have to use any of this either, but see what looks good)

    Module 04
    Qualities of Presence

    Answer the question: "who do I need to become in order to get there?" Armed with the wisdom you gathered so far, you’ll identify the (sometimes surprising) core qualities of presence that will take your leadership and impact to the next level.

    module 05
    Daily Practices

    Begin establishing simple daily and weekly practices that will help you cultivate those qualities both at home and at work. Build an accessible routine that lays a powerful foundation for your professional growth, leveraging the wisdom of your body.

    Module 06
    Making It Stick

    Anchor the progress you have made, so that it will stick. Synthesize your learning, clarify your most important commitments. Take some bold actions. And put a professional support system in place that will keep you on track, after the program ends.

    Game Changing Results

    would recommend this program to a colleague
    increased their capacity to collaborate effectively
    improved their ability tolead through influence
    improve their work-life balance

    Want to find out if Activate is a good fit for you?

    Apply for a free 30-minute coaching discovery session to clarify your goals and learn more.
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    about LeeAnn

    Your Activate coach, mentor and initiator

    I started my career in 2005 at a pretty bad-ass boutique consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and quickly became a leadership coach to high-impact executives at organizations across the globe. Yet even as I fell more deeply in love with my work in the professional-development industry, I felt something was missing – the body.

    Having grown up as an athlete, I unconsciously retired that part of myself at the age of 21 when "succeeding at work" really mattered... then I spent my entire early career in a battle between the deep and subtle wisdom of my physical being and the hard-driving logic of my mind.

    Lucky for me (and you!), I met my first mentor in the field of somatics and embodied leadership and something finally clicked. Since then, I've invested tens of thousands of hours in training, coaching and personal practice, learning how to bridge this mind-body divide. As an embodied leadership coach mastering in full-system transformation, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to hold space for hundreds of leaders and dozens of organizations struggling to make the same kind of leap. Literally, to catch-up with the vision they have for themselves and the world around them.

    What I’ve found is this: not only is the leap possible, but the hurdles – and skills needed to overcome them – are relatively predictable. It’s an inner game… but a game nonetheless – with rules that can be learned.

    Today, I help forward-thinking women (and men) who are driving change inside of their organizations, industries and communities to impact more people and get better results – without burning out. I do this by teaching them how to access wisdom of their bodies, recover their native superpowers, and trust their intuition. My clients consistently learn how to wield more power (and make more money!) in a way that’s effective, that’s truly sustainable for them, and that’s also good for the constituents they serve.

    What Changemakers Are Saying

    "I met LeeAnn at a challenging point in my leadership. I would have been considered successful – but I was struggling inside. By meeting me where I was, and holding me accountable in a compassionate way, LeeAnn helped equip me to make better choices. Now I am more centered than I ever have been, with more joy in my life. And I’m leading a bigger team at work."
    Danielle Scaturro, Former Executive Director, PropelNext
    "When I first connected with LeeAnn, I’d been through a “burnout” episode. I didn’t want it to happen again... but I was also eager to reach the next level. After just one session with LeeAnn, I was offered a unique leadership role at a brand new organization!  It was a great fit. With LeeAnn's help I am becoming a more resilient and compassionate individual who is excited – rather than anxious – about the new challenges ahead of me. Get ready to learn practices that will serve you a lifetime of success!”
    Veena Raja CPA, Assurance Partner, BDO USA
    "Working with LeeAnn provided the wisdom, support, and tools to make the career transition I'd been dreaming of and delaying for years. I built greater courage, more clarity about my strengths, and I’ve become more comfortable sharing my voice – especially when taking a stand for what’s important to me. If I’m going to be a role model for other women who want to lead, I need to be able to “own it.”
    Clare Bresnahan-English, President & CEO, New Leaders Council
    "LeeAnn is an intuitive, caring and thoughtful coach who knows just what you need when you need it. She creates a safe and trusting space so that her clients can be honest and vulnerable. What’s more, other women in the program provide a source of inspiration, support and strength during your journey. As a result, I am getting even better at embracing my unique abilities as a leader. I’m also living even more fully into my purpose, and receiving more positive recognition at work!"
    Megan Maltenfort, Vice President of ESG, Cardinal Health
    "Working with LeeAnn has been life changing for me. Trying to balance a full-time job, poise myself for career growth, maintain a nurturing home environment for two young kids, and keep the spark alive in my marriage all while expecting to maintain an ideal level of perfection at the same time was simply not sustainable. Now, I feel like I have everything I need to succeed AND grow in these areas while, truly keeping "me" at the forefront. I use these tools every day."
    Ashley Lemons, Former Program Manager, Naval Air Systems Command
    "I got much more out LeeAnn's program than I ever expected. LeeAnn truly coaches with such empathy and intuitive intelligence. She helps you better understand the root of the problem with very relevant analogies. I enrolled in order to make more time for my own self-care. As a female entrepreneur burnout is common, since as women we juggle many life and work roles. Having the group as an outlet allowed me to reframe the way I think and the way I lead."
    Tito Ogunsola-Smith, Owner, Concierge Physical Therapy and Wellness

    Want to find out if Activate is a good fit for you?

    Apply for a free 30-minute coaching discovery session to clarify your goals and learn more.
    Apply for a Discovery Session


    + Q. How is Activate really different from other women’s programs?

    + Q. What kind of women are taking Activate program?Will there be other people like me?

    + Q. What if I know I really need this, but I’m just too busy right now?

    + Q. I think I should probably just hire an individual coach. Can I really get the support I need in an online course?

    + Q. I’m not so sure about virtual courses… what if I prefer live people meeting face-to-face?

    We have felt that way about online training too… at first. What we’ve come to see is that meeting virtually saves time and energy (which is super important for a busy woman, who is trying to change her world!) And –believe it or not – we can go just as deep. We’ve been coaching and training people virtually for over fifteen years. We’ve learned to “hear” your emotions and“see” your body language, even by phone. For all of these reasons, most of my clients actually come to prefer the virtual format.

    AND, because you’re not wasting time or energy arriving, leaving, settling in, making a good first impression, managing images, engaging in small talk, deciding what to wear (lol, the list goes on…) we get right to the heart of the matter in each of our sessions.

    + Q. Are there scholarships available for this course?

    Cool? Let's dive in!
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