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International speaker on women's empowerment and conscious leadership

Whether it's a keynote for your next event, a series of embodied-leadership energy breaks, or a custom session for your women’s Employee Resource Group, author LeeAnn Mallorie’s interactive talks are guaranteed to inspire both insight and action.

Hire LeeAnn for your next event if you want to:
  • Retain, engage and advance the most innovative women in your organization
  • Translate ideas about leadership, resilience or innovation into action
  • Create an out-of-the box team building experience that deepens both connections and trust

Using a unique combination of science, personal story and engaging interactive activities, LeeAnn helps your audience translate new ideas directly into action. Her fierce compassion and non-judgmental presence create the conditions that deepen connections, encourage vulnerability and build trust among your audience members.

Inspire the women in your organization to make a bigger impact—without burning out.

The truth is...

Leadership and innovation can be exhausting—especially when a woman’s very presence challenges the status quo.

When a passionate woman is working hard to make a positive impact in her organization or industry, it can be tempting for her to ignore her body in order to "get ahead."

This unconscious choice leads to some success in the short run… but in the long run it breeds self-sabotage, saps her energy, and ultimately becomes her biggest career-limiting move.

Having worked with hundreds of innovative female leaders, LeeAnn ignites their potential by directly addressing the risk factors that could otherwise lead these same women to tap out, or burn out.
Keynote Presentations

Guts & Grace: The Secret to Powerful, Resilient Leadership

LeeAnn offers powerful presentations on a range of leadership topics—from embodied leadership to walking the talk when it comes to corporate values.

Her latest keynote explores how internalized glass ceilings can block a woman’s effectiveness, and reveal the top four ways female leaders and entrepreneurs unintentionally derail their own success. Click on the video for a sneak peak of LeeAnn's keynote.

Audience members will learn how to:
  • identify their internalized glass ceilings
  • shift counterproductive thought patterns
  • re-center under pressure
  • lead with greater power and presence
Let's talk

Bring the Guts & Grace Keynote to your organization and unlock the potential of your female leaders.

Three key takeaways from LeeAnn's work:

It is about you.

Workplace discrimination isn't women’s fault. However, they do have leverage to advance their leadership by shifting internalized patriarchal programming and counterproductive habits.

It starts with the body.

Reconnecting with the body’s wisdom can change the game—and dissolve internalized glass ceilings—for good.

Embrace the “AND.”

Focusing on the intersection of leadership (power, presence, purpose, strategy, influence, drive) and resilience (balance, sustainability, mindfulness, self-care) uncovers core domains of self-sabotage, creates a powerful synergy and unlocks layers of potential in even the most successful women.

LeeAnn’s presentation to our women leaders was outstanding. She is engaging and motivational – inspiring my whole team to apply the tools back at work. I highly recommend her as a speaker!
Tracey Curreri, Mattel Inc.
LeeAnn’s style is very direct yet compassionate. She helped me define the leader I most want to be, re-sparking my passion, and gearing up for a role change.
Cetin Duransoy, Fortune 200 financial institution
For the first time in this job, I can really see the strengths that I bring to the team in action, and I feel more free to be myself.
Nora Habig, M&T Bank
“If you have the knowledge, let others light their Candles in it.”
Margaret Fuller

Speaker Bio

LeeAnn Mallorie, MAPP, is the founder and CEO of Guts & Grace and sister firm Leading in Motion. LeeAnn began her career as an executive coach in 2005, working with leaders and teams from around the globe. Yet she consistently found something was missing—the body.

LeeAnn's leadership keynotes offer a concrete, actionable doorway to greater power, resilience, influence, ethics and impact at work. She has spent over a decade helping leaders face bottom-line challenges while combating both meaning depletion and burnout.

“The overdrive and burnout approach to success is an epidemic. Leading like a woman means taking these costs seriously and taking a stand for something different.”
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