Leading with Guts and Grace Summit

Participate in a win-win-win-win virtual training experience that both teaches and models the practices of new paradigm leadership.
May 18-22, 2020
Guts & Grace Summit


The Leading with Guts & Grace Summit on May 18-22 is a highly curated collection of virtual teachings by cutting-edge thought leaders that you can share with your women’s community or ERG at no cost to your organization. Those who choose to attend and receive the 20+virtual training modules are invited to make a small donation to benefit one of three new-paradigm social impact and sustainability initiatives that are shaping our world for the better.

You and your community members get to connect with 100s of other forward-thinking professional women at large organizations across the nation. And if a critical mass of women sign up, your company receives a free Guts & Grace keynote or training at no additional cost.

What’s the catch? There is none. That’s the beauty of new-paradigm leadership, and the win-win-win-win.

Why Participate?

Women inside of large organizations are poised to make business a true force for good on the planet by leading in conscious, new-paradigm ways. Unfortunately, many of these leaders don’t have access to the most cutting-edge new-paradigm leadership tools, now being taught outside of the corporate and government sectors.

Why? Because the thought leaders who created these tools are focused on teaching to easier markets – primarily entrepreneurs – who pay bigger dollars for their expertise, and who give them full permission to challenge the status quo. Their work is forward-thinking, disruptive and eye-opening. And that’s exactly why now more than ever, it’s needed inside of large organizations at this time of massive change.

At Guts & Grace Women’s Leadership, we’ve based our training curriculum on these cutting-edge tools. The results speak for themselves –our programs have received 100% net promotor scores, 93% increases in both influence and resilience, with at least 1/3 of women receiving a promotion within 6 months. As a participating organization, your community gets immediate access to our own incredible mentors and their cutting-edge tools via the Leading with Guts & Grace Summit this May, while keeping your 2020 training budget intact.

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