Journal Questions from the Guts & Grace book

Download the journal questions for each chapter of Guts & Grace.

The Joy Workouts Home Practice

Chapter 1 - The Joy Workouts

Try these three workouts (30-minutes each)

  1. Yoga Joy Workout - Password: JoyfulAthlete
  2. Nia Technique Joy Workout - Password: JoyfulAthlete
  3. Dancing Freedom Joy Workout
Listen to LeeAnn’s Spotify Dance Playlists (30-minutes)

Design Your Ideal Week (Chapter 2)

Download the Chapter 2 Design Your Ideal Week worksheet

Guided Centering Practices

Chapter 4 & Chapter 7

Re-Centering Meditation (5-minutes)

Download the Re-centering Meditation link

Into The Well Resources

Chapter 5 - Into The Well Resources

Into the Well Guided Practice (15-minutes) - LINK

LeeAnn's Spotify Dance Playlist (30-minutes) - LINK

Purpose Story Writing (Chapter 10)

Get the Chapter 10 Purpose Story Writing worksheet

Design Your Daily Practice (Chapter 2 & 8)

Download the My Daily Practices worksheet

Host a (Virtual) Guts & Grace Civic Dinner

Pick a day, invite guests, download the pre-written questions and facilitation guide, and enjoy this unique plug & play dinner-and-dialog event.

Webinar for Company Leaders

Introduce your organization to the Guts & Grace leadership approach with this high-value 30-minute webinar.

Watch the 30-minute webinar NOW!

Guts & Grace Coaching Guide

Get support from your boss by bringing the Guts & Grace tools to your next performance or development conversation.

Download the Coaching Guide

Other Books We Recommend

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  • The Power of Decision
  • Fully Alive
  • Healing Sex
  • Radical Acceptance
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  • The Leadership Dojo
  • Your Body is your Brain
  • Stealing Fire
  • Braving the Wilderness
  • Practical Wisdom
  • The Big Leap
  • Dare to Inspire
  • The Call
  • The Surrender Experiment
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • Teaming
  • Imagine it Forward
  • Shakti Leadership
About LeeAnn

LeeAnn Mallorie, MAPP, is the founder and CEO of Guts & Grace and sister firm Leading in Motion. She has been helping leaders face bottomline challenges and combat meaning depletion and burnout since 2005, using mindfulness and embodiment tools.

LeeAnn has spoken at numerous conferences, including: Conscious Capitalism, Wisdom 2.0, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, the Permaculture Convergence, and Stanford Design for Dance.

LeeAnn's new book, Guts & Grace: A Woman's Guide to Full-Bodied Leadership, is due out in early 2020.

To learn more about LeeAnn's transformational story, visit our site.

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