Women Aren’t Crazy… They’re Right

Women Aren’t Crazy… They’re Right

Celebrating the women who came before us, and the ones who come next.

Happy Women’s History Month! Thanks for celebrating with me. And in case no one has said this to you yet today…thanks for being you.

Since Guts & Grace Leadership is all about supporting badass female leaders and change-makers to thrive, it felt important to write a meaningful blog about the incredible women who came before us – women of every race, ethnicity and sexual orientation, from every country across the globe who faced their fears in order to lead. Women who dared to take a stand for what mattered most int heir own unique ways, at their own unique moments in time, and who helped us become who we are today.

In fact, I tried to write that blog. But the truth is… it wasn’t my truth.

Because at THIS moment in time, I’m much more excited about our future than our past.

And here’s why:

For hundreds of years, women have been the seen-and-unseen stewards of visionary ideas with the power to shape their societies for the better. And for hundreds of years, women have also been persecuted for the possible futures they see. Both literally and figuratively, women have been burned at the stake for holding perspectives that were different than the norm (a pretty effective tactic, if their goal was to teach us that what we know, feel and see just isn’t true).

And over those hundreds of years, despite all of the ways we have actively and passively resisted, we nonetheless carry the imprints of that powerful shaping in our muscles, cells and bones. Such that, for many of us still today, even when we believe in ourselves and we take a powerful stand to lead, we can end up feeling crazy, at risk or alone.

And sometimes, rightfully so.

When I share the title of my book Guts & Grace, women tend to lean in: “I like that…” I think it’s because it resonates at the cellular frequency of vulnerable, feminine courage.  

But what does it really mean to lead with Guts & Grace?And what does it have to do with your path, as a female leader, change maker or disruptor today?

For one, leading with Guts & Grace means to be willing to have your own back, even when the people around you think you’re crazy. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

If you decided to read this blog, I can guess a few things about you already:

  • one, that you’re brave (even if you don’t think that about yourself)
  • two, that you see things differently
  • and three, that you’re probably ahead of the curve in some way: in your company, in your industry, or in your vision for humanity at this time

If one or more of these is true, then instead of sharing stories about the past, in honor of a month that was named to celebrate women…. I’d like to explore the ways we now have an opportunity to do even better today.

I say this because things have been changing. At the energetic level, the institutional level, the political level, and the environmental level – the status quo has been disrupted, and change is happing faster than ever before. Which means that any reality you have historically critiqued or challenged (perhaps, without making a visible dent) may now be more malleable than ever before. And that's an incredible opportunity.

What I’ve found is that when women who see the future are supported at the right time to trust their vision and give up the fear of ‘crazy’, a whole lot of magic can unfold.

What I’ve also found is that this kind of trust – and courageously stepping in – can sometimes be the antidote to the very roadblocks that hold us back:

  • burnout
  • depression
  • overwhelm
  • shyness
  • lack of confidence
  • (name yours)

It's a bit counter-intuitive... but the more willing you are to doubt your own crazy, and to take simple, measured steps in the direction of your greatest hopes and visions (even when you're afraid, daunted, or unsure)... the more likely you are to begin sourcing your own power, self-trust and clarity along the way.

And this is what I felt called to share with you today, in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Because this is how YOU get to be part of shaping history.

It’s time.  

Don’t want to do it alone?

We will soon be opening the doors again to our signature 8-week women’s embodied leadership group coaching program called MEME (Movement, Emotions, Mindset, Energy) – which is designed to help women leaders step out of early-career survival strategies, integrate their recent pandemic-driven personal growth, and face their future visions with courage, conviction and grace.  

Over the course of Women's History month, we'll be offering free leadership resources, sharing inspiration and hosting some live events where you can get a taste of these powerful mindfulness tools. But no matter when you are reading this blog, if you know a woman (including yourself!) who is driving change in her organization, industry or community who could benefit from this type of support, she can apply for a coaching discovery call HERE anytime.

Let's end "crazy" and re-write history together!


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