If Women Ran the World

If Women Ran the World

Have you ever found yourself thinking that if only women were running the world today… it would be a whole lot better off??

Have you ever found yourself thinking that if only women were running the world today… it would be a whole lot better off??

(If so, keep reading. I have a very special invitation for you.)

It's true, we may be a very long way from this type of future. And, putting the world in the hands of women may an oversimplified solution. But then again, maybe not.

Over the past months, years and decades, more bold and powerful women have been taking the stage to create positive changes in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. From pioneers like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Pachamama Alliance founder Lynn Twist, to modern-day she-ros like:

  • the fierce and empathetic New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
  • New York Times youngest CEO and unstoppable innovator Meredith Copit Levin
  • and the clear and commanding Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall

…women who stick boldly to their visions and embody their core values are making a tangible impact.

What’s more, our metrics and data are now helping to paint an even clearer pictureabout the positive (and needed!) ROI that women leaders can create in their organizations, their industries, and the world at this time.

Take, for example, a recent breakthrough study, out of Liverpool and Reading Universities, that demonstrated that female-led nations navigated the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic better than those led by men, by pioneering innovative approaches ranging from decisiveness and new technology to empathy, truth and love.

Or, the success of former Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario, who tripled company’s profits over twelve years, while doubling down on the company’s commitment to social and environmental impact by establishing the company as leader in the Benefit Corporation movement, before stepping down earlier this year to make space for the next generation of leadership.

As the proof becomes harder and harder to ignore, more opportunities are taking the leap to promote high-potential women into positions of power (or creating new positions – e.g. on the boards of publicly traded companies – where opportunity didn’t exist).

I deeply believe that all of this has been amplified by COVID-19. Across the globe, it is becoming more and more clear that our old ways of working are no longer working…

and, with the strain of the global pandemic, the cracks in the imperfect systems, structures and organizations we’ve built are getting harder and harder to hide.

If you are a woman and a leader, then you probably already know this, because it’s part of your intimate experience.

You see and feel the need for change. You grapple with the frustration, the exhaustion, and the sheer exasperation – and are probably just f*#@ing ready all ready for things to be different.

And you probably have ideas about exactly what could be done, that would actually help.  

That’s why I believe that 2021 is an incredibly important year for women (like you!) who hold a vision for positive change to take an even deeper breath, find their true ground, and make their voices heard.

If you see yourself as one of these women…

If you can see a different future for your company, your industry or your community…

If you are at a level of leadership where you know you could create even more impact… or you are ready to reach for that level of leadership this year…

If you have grounded ideas about how to turn something around – and you are brave enough to lead the way – then I believe world needs you now.

And that’s exactly why I built Guts & Grace.

Because I am willing to bet that your ideas, your talent and your motivation could make this world a better place, and I’d like to be the woman who has your back.

The Guts & Grace Leadership and Resilience Coaching Program is a 12-month embodied leadership coaching program for forward-thinking women who are experienced leaders in any field, and who are looking to make important changes in their lives, their organizations or their industries.

It’s designed help you find the hidden opportunities for growth and impact that are available – despite the chaos that surrounds us this year – when you trust your gut and truly step in.

Over the past ten years, I’ve been honing and perfecting this program for exactly this type of moment.  

Starting this week, the Guts & Grace 2021 cohort now open for enrollment.

If you’d like to explore whether this unique experience is right for you, you can go HERE to apply for a free coaching discovery session with me this month.

In the session, we’ll stoke the flame of your vision for greater impact, identify your next level, and home in on your personal leadership Achilles heel – the one thing that can (and does!) get in the way of your ultimate success.

Book your 30-Minute Coaching Discovery Session with Me Here

Need more information?

I also realize that you may be the kind of woman who wants to have a better idea of what she’s getting herself into, before she commits to a conversation… don’t worry. Here’s what to do:

If you’d like to learn more about how the Guts & Grace model works, and better understand my approach to professional women’s leadership development and innovative organizational change, I encourage you to watch this brief (15-minute) replay of the talk I gave at the Conscious Capitalism National Conference this year.

It frames the conversation for senior company leaders (both men and women), so it’s also a great share with your boss, team or HR.


In the video, you will learn about:

  • early-career survival strategies (aka your Achilles Heel) get formed
  • the various stages of career plateau in each decade of a woman’s life
  • how internalized oppression can prevent high-potential women at every level from driving company-wide innovation
  • and the power of embodied transformation to support both personal and company-wide change

This 15-minute on-demand webinar replay gives the most concise possible summary of how – and why – Guts & Grace leadership works.  Whether or not you’re interested in our 2021 program, I invite you to check it out, so that you can better understand what we’re up to here in the Guts & Grace community (and why it matters).

Ok… that’s it for now. I hope I’ve been able to make a clear and compelling case for YOU – your leadership, your impact, your voice, your courage, your confidence, your belief in yourself as a woman in leadership…

And that it inspires you to take at least one bold action this week.

If you’re inspired – or you feel frustrated and stuck! – and you’re ready for a 30-minute super-charged conversation about how to step up in 2021, you can apply for your free coaching session here.

Book your 30-Minute Coaching Discovery Session with Me Here

I look forward to getting to know you –

and stoking some of your big dreams this year,

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