Awaken Your Spirit in Leadership

A 5-day immersive retreat for women leaders to rejuvenate your body and develop a deep, nourishing relationship between your leadership and your spirit.
Dates TBD due to COVID
Imiloa Institute, Costa Rica
Costa Rica

The Event

A 5-day immersive retreat for women leaders, to rejuvenate your body, re-ignite your passion for work, and develop a deep, nourishing relationship between your leadership and your spirit.

You are invited to join embodied leadership coaches LeeAnn Mallorie and Lise Melvin for an intimate gathering of women leaders. Together, we’ll explore parallel paths of rejuvenating your body, re-aligning you to your purpose (hint: there’s an awakening that has to occur), and re-establishing the deep relationship between leadership and spirit. Simultaneously, we’ll explore the rich coast of Costa Rica: deep in the jungles, up on the mountain, and on the beaches that surround Imiloa Institute.

We Offer a New Paradigm of Feminine Leadership If you’ve been feeling burned out, it can be easy to blame the never-ending to-do list on your desk, the piles of papers in your office, or the incessant demands of your boss, staff, colleagues and kids. But what if there were something deeper at work? What if the rules you’ve been following in your leadership were part of an old paradigm that simply doesn’t work anymore – a paradigm designed to keep you at arms-length from both your greatest joys and your greatest possible impact. What if we told you that transformation can happen in an “instant,” as opposed to change that spans years of “adding” and “subtracting,” but essentially leaves you in the same old paradigm? Would you want to learn how?

Whether you’re already a mission-driven leader who feels deeply connected to passion and purpose in your work… but exhausted – or you’re currently lacking clarity about how best to use your energy and skills in service to the world – it’s time to stop doubting yourself and start doing things differently.

What happens when a group of powerful, conscious women leaders take time out of their busy lives to vision, express, design, shift paradigms, rebuild, play, re-juice, and ask powerful questions about the next steps in their life, work and leadership? We say – it’s nothing short of magic.

What You Will Learn

Awaken Your Spirit in Leadership is an intimate gathering of like-minded women designed to:

  • revive your leadership and connect you with a deeper layer of professional purpose
  • deeply nourish your body, mind and spirit with healthy food, guided movement mindfulness practices, and unexpected adventure
  • help you name and unravel the unconscious, self-sabotaging habits that drain your energy when the stakes get high in life back at work
  • reconnect with or deepen your intimacy with the earth leave you with new holistic, body-based practices that will change the way you approach self-care and energy management for good

Besides the curriculum, exploration, coaching and discovery, your week at Imiloa in Costa Rica will be filled with new-found possibility, an explosion of flavors with one of the most sought-after chefs in Costa Rica, and unpredictable new friendships that may last a lifetime.

“What happens when your soul begins to awaken in this world to our deep need to love and to serve… O the Beloved will send you wonderful and wild companions!” – Hafiz
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